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Sunday, February 7, 2010
Just set up a new blog

http://chenjiamei.blogspot.com :)
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Year End Shopping =)
Friday, December 26, 2008
i'm enjoying my holiday really well after the 1st year end final =D
here are some of my updates

19/12/08 Friday

straight after our last paper
me and Vivi headed to MidValley to shop =)

the North Court was snowing!!!

we went Fong Lye @ The Gardens for lunch

and i love my 三杯鸡饭 set !!! <3

last but not least
i bought L'Occitane Cherry Blossom perfume!
smell so nice~
now im like totally neglect my Dior Addict Shine dy since i got it lol

21/12/08 Sunday

went Petaling Street with Vivi, MK and Vivi's housemate
bought so many ba kwa coz my mom told me to =.=
wanted to buy 四眼仔烧鸭
but then when we reached they already closed dy T.T
so we went to eat wan tan mee instead

oooh i love the char siew~!
our college wantan mee not char siew one! ish!

and the shui gao with lotsa fillings =D

After that they went back to Mentari
i stayed at KL Central and met up with Sze Chee and Sze Yee them
then headed to Sungai Wang
omg the sales there were crazy!
and so crowded=.= made me so dizzy

before going home
i bought this Turkish ice cream


lol i was EFFING tired that day
and when i reached home i just straight away slept like dead pig

22/12/08 Monday

as planned
me and Vivi went for CNY shopping today
and i chose the nearest Pyramid coz i woke up late dy =.=

went Shihlin for lunch
Happy Rice Box Set =D

then we went shopping for clothes like crazy
Nichii, Romp, Springfield, Forever 21, MNG.......

i love this checkers top from nichii! got the christmasty feeling right?
but i didnt buy it la =.=

ended up Miss Vivi bought 11 piece of clothings
and i just bought 2 polo tees and one top from Springfield

and lastly,
how could i resist Baskin Robin's ice cream?

simply heavenly

23/12/08 Tuesday

continued our shopping at MidValley =D
i bought many stuff today!
bought heels and tops =D
didn't take much pic coz we were too busy shopping =.=

at night,
Mr. Ryan Tan Jin Kuan was too bored at home
so we went yam cha at Subaidah

as usual
i ordered Roti Tissue again XD

and damn Ryan tempted me to eat as he ordered this duno-wad-name stuff

the egg yolk was so watery and so round and so tempting!
i couldnt help but to poke it with the keropok thingy
i got this unnamed sickness
that i cant resist the temptation of round, watery, yellowish, gorgeous looking egg yolk
i sure will poke it with anything i got in my hand one

ended up i ordered nasi goreng kampung

eat nasi goreng at late night is so fattening T_T

went home at 11 + then stared packing dy

so these are my updates after my exam and before i went back Miri
will update bout my stay in Miri soon
lol it's basically all about food also la
nothing much else to do in Miri except eat, eat and eat XD

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Merry Christmas!
Thursday, December 25, 2008
Merry Christmas everyone!!!

FYI my blog is not dead yet
lol I'll update reeaaalll sooon
anyway im back to miri dy =D
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Australia's Next Top Model Marathon
Saturday, November 29, 2008
awwww i'd been letting my blog dying for such a long time dy =.=
actually i got lotsa stuff to blog about n pictures to show u guys
forget bout it I'm just too lazy =)

I'd been watching Australia's Next Top Model Marathon Cycle 3 for the whole day
wooohooo i love to watch hot girls <3
check out the promo video...they're hot aint they?

these are few of my favourite girls

Steph F! she has these beautiful blue eyes and plumpy lips~ awwww i adore her <3
but she got eliminated too early =.=

Paloma~ although she got some probs with her personality, she's still pretty~
i duno why i love ang-mohs with black hair <3

Anika !!! she's the hottest among all
big booooobies and beautiful face <3

but of all....


Alice with a stoned-face, freaking fair complexion and too-skinny figure

i dunno how the modeling industry works actually

back to assignments....
glanced at the mirror at 9:37 PM
eat eat eat !!!
Monday, November 10, 2008
went MV with Jade today after class
June and her younger bro followed too
lol he so cute lor
somehow makes me think of chai min shen >.<

when we reached there
June's bro said he wanna eat sushi so we headed to Sushi King~~
after that Ching came too

woohooo eat eat eat!
too bad don have the RM2 for rice base sushi on the conveyor belt promotion dy
sushi sushi sushi~

i ordered the japanese pizza at Sushi King for the first time
omg it's such a small piece of that =.=
makes me miss Excapade's Japanese Pizza so much!

very amat small piece rite? compare the size with the soy sauce plate =.=

and i tried a new stuff
golden egg!
it's fried egg with shredded crabstick
yum yum~

the golden egg

the sushi we conquered!

after that i went to buy Beard Papa's Cream Puff and MCD icecream as dessert

then we went to

yoyo snack!!!

actually just planned to yam cha only one
but then Jade said the korean noodles very nice
made me wanna try
awww T.T im a pig!
so ended up i orded Yin Yong and the korean noodles

korean noodles with kimchi, japanese fish cake, fried egg, luncheon meat, hot dog and chicken wing!

omg i was so so so damn full after that
i hate you MV
everytime i went there sure i spent a lot on food one

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Talipon Steamboat Buffet
i just went back from eating steamboat with Joy
Talipon Steamboat Buffet @ Pandan Indah, Cheras
actually Yan-yan joining also one
but then she back off in a sudden and went Ikea with their mom =.=

how can i don't camwhore before i left? XD

we reached there at about 9pm and I was starving!!!
here i go~ took lotsa lotsa FOOOOD

fish balls, meatballs, lamb, chicken. pork, ham, crab sticks etc etc

after reading KY's blog about Talipon
i decided to make my chili prawns too XD
1st, peel the raw prawns
2nd, dip them into chili sauce
3rd, grill them on pan
4th, *sluurrpsss* *munch munch* * buurrrrp*

my chili prawns grilling on the pan XD

lamb + ham + "ren rou"

let me introduce the round thing grilling on the pan
it's some kinda dried meat stuff but its in raw form la
omg that's so nice
Joy said it's the tastiest stuff in the shop dy
and he called it "ren rou"
erm.. .lazy explain... long story lol

the Joy grilling his "ren rou"

oh ya forgot to mention
the Joy brought along cheeeesseee
so there i go again

ham with cheeseeee XD

omg it tasted so nice lor
but it's so damn fattening =.=
then we made lotsa innovative dishes
eg: fried shredded crabsticks, lamb with cheese etc etc

talked about crabsticks
made me think of the Joy kept eating CHEAP stuff today
cheap as in crabsticks, hotdog those
he ate damn a lot crabsticks lor
so kui ben ah him =_=

and finally my last innovation

know what's this?


Joy gave me a that's-so-gross face when he saw me doing that
and he said he thinked the staff sitting behind me sure think i'm chisin one
lol i dont care cause they tasted so nice !!!

we ate untill 11pm+ then Joy sent me home dy
I'm still si beh full now T.T
I seriously don't wanna eat steamboat buffet anymore for this month dy

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I'm officially 19 !!!
Saturday, November 8, 2008
ok i know it's a bit outdated to publish this post
but still im gonna talk about my 19th birthday~
which was at 5th nov
lol i got this from my college mates
and need no to explain u guys know what's that la X)

chocolate flavoured <3

my college mates threw a surprise for me and Adele whose birthday was one day before mine at Tong Yan Gai ~
they bought us cake from Secret Recipe=)

lol my name was covered by choc chips by June

Thanks a lot guys!

haha i looked effing ugly after the exhausting restaurant service so i better don't post up the pics of me cutting the cake and so on =p

At night i went to meet up with Vivi and MK at Pyramid
saw Adib there and after awhile Wan came too

the burfday girl camwhoring b4 leaving to Pyramid XD damn my eyebags =_=

Pyramid main entrance

lol they bought damn many groceries and it's like RM 300+ for two person
O-M-G is the word
then we headed back home dy~

P/S: thanks alot for all the wishes and greetings !!!


at 7am+ like that i received a call from MK
asking me whethter wanna go KL or not at 10am +
siao =.= i was half aslept that time and i have no idea what was i talking to him
then i was so tired i slept until 1pm like that
at 5pm+ i slept again =.= omg i'm a pig !!!
when i woke up, texted Vivi and she told me they're at Pavillion
going to Pyramid later
so then we met up at Pyramid and there's a show called Latte"8 going on at Starbucks

this is me drinking my dark cherry mocha frappucino ( Chonny is soo going to kill me XD )
awww my eyebags have eyebags T.T

omg there's one cute chinese guy wearing black-framed specs
but i don't know his name!!!
he's like a host or a guest of the show or smtg
i googled bout it but still cant find any info bout i him leh =.=
he's so cute lor XD
anyone know his name please let me know aite

after the show finished, went to 7-11 to buy coke and tit bits to continue our chivas-drinking from last week

chivas with coke~

*burrrrrp* we finally conquered the whole bottle

lol last week we drank + played + talked till like 7.30 am =.=
but then last nite MK left at 3am+ because of some reasons...
then me and Vivi continue our girls talk till 6am only sleep

so basically i spent my daytime sleeping again
i seriously need a life lah T.T

p/s: i hope the guys are ok last night...
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